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3D Print Specialist   |   Designer and Model Maker   |   3D Generalist |  Artist

Great to meet you!

My personal ethos are to 'draw wisdom from many places' and 'in every challenge is an opportunity.'


Working with many different industries has taught me to be flexible and versatile with my design process. Design for me is oftentimes as much an art as a science, requiring interdisciplinary and creative solutions to problems. My passion for learning and synthesis of new skills and knowledge has been paramount to success in my career.


I revel in learning new processes and programs. I'll quickly adapt to your workflow or pipeline, and offer my perspective from my experience. Whether it is digital or physical, artistic or industrial. My passion lies in manifesting an idea into form.


Looking forward to work together and build towards something greater than the sum of its parts.



Hugh Kha 
HUE Designed



Montréal, QC


May 2018 to Present

Freelance model making studio specializing in finding manufacturing solutions for small to medium press production. From sketch to final product, we specialize in digital mediums, handling all form of 3D data, from gaming, animation, fx, medical and industrial. In house printing, laser cutting, scanning, design, and casting solutions offer a quick turn around in getting an idea in hand. Our connections to a variety of manufacturers and vendor solutions, help making even the loftiest of ideas possible.


Branch Manager and Design Lead


Toronto, ON


May 2017 to July 2018

Managed the daily business of a 3D Print and Design Service Bureau. Connecting clients to members of the team and resolving any issues that would arise in the project. Budgeted and priced out projects to meet internal profit goals while maintaining client expectations. Focused personal design time on specialty projects and clients.

Objex Unlimited

3D Print Specialist

Toronto, ON


September 2014 to April 2017

Worked with clients on a projects providing solutions related to 3D Printing, 3D Design, 3D Scanning, Industrial Design, CAD and more. These projects would vary from different industries significantly, and where they might be in their individual pipelines. Clients would vary from prop-makers, advertisers, marketing, film, medical, automotive, aerospace, toy making, and others.

Performance Solutions

Shop Assistant 


Toronto, ON


April 2014 to November 2014

Worked in the Carpentry department of the shop under Carl. Assisted in the construction and transport of set and prop pieces for commercial and film use. 


Secondary School in Animation

    Seneca, Toronto   |  September 2013 - 2014

Bachelor's Degree in Neuroscience 

University of Toronto, Toronto   |   September 2008 - 2012


• Photoshop (10+ years)

• Illustrator (6 years)

• Zbrush (7 years)

• Blender (2 years)

• 3D Scanning - Laser, Structured Light, Photogrammetry, CMM (7 years)

• Solidworks (6 years)

• Fusion 360 (4 years)

• Rhino 3D (7 years)

• Adobe Creative Suite (10+ years)

• Premier Pro (10+ years)

• After FX (4 years)

• Key Shot (7 years)

• Maya (1 years)

• DICOM (Less than 1 year)

• 3D Printing and CNC Expertise (7 years)

• Photography (8 years)

• FIlm Preproduction - Story Board - Creative Direction (2 years)

• Jewelry Production (10+ years)


Family Trade: Jewelry
Additional Languages: English (Primary), Vietnamese (Oral)


Project Management, 3D Printing, 3D Modeling, 3D Rendering, 3D Scanning, Digital Media, Story Board, Illustration, Concept Design, Design, Graphic Design, Photoshop, CAD, Laser Cut, ZBrush, Jewelry, Client Relations, Film, Photography, Video, Video Editing, Rapid Prototyping, Web Design, Animation, Customer Service, Microsoft Office, Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Concept Art, Adobe Creative Suite

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