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3D Scanning

3D Scanning is a broad number of technologies! We've worked with Photogramettry, DICOM Data, LIDAR Data, Structured Light Scanners, Laser Scanner, Point Scanners and CMM. Having utilized the data in applications such as reverse engineering, analysis, quality control, stage projection, AR catalogs, VFX and Game assets, and more! 


We opt to use Photogrammetry as our in house solution to create scan-data.  This robust scan technologies allows us to create geometry from a set of photos of an object or place! With ability to allow the camera to define scale, we are able to generate geometry of large spaces such as stadiums, buildings, plots of land or hand held objects or even people!

Of course when the application demands greater tolerances and resolution, we rise to meet the task through our service partners for Laser Scanning, CMM, Structured Light Scanning and More.


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