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One of my passions is proudly producing film grade props for production. With a breadth of digital expertise, we are able to inform our design by drawing upon our branching expertise. Forming costume and makeup elements upon 3D scanned actors. Or digitizing a traditionally sculpted models to create iterations rapidly. Or creating physical props from VFX models, unifying any visual discrepancies between departments.

If you have something digital and need to make it physical, or you have something physical and want to make it digital. We have a solution for you. Our strong background in 3D Digital Design and Traditional Model Making makes jumping these hoops possible.

Tools of the trade

In our shop we do the following physical services:
Laser Cutting (CO2), 3D Print (Resin and FDM), Viynl Cutting and Mount, Silicone Molding and Casting, Fine Cast Jewelry, Paint and Airbrush.

Digitally we offer:

3D Scan (Photogrametry), Point Cloud Manipulation, CAD, Poly Modelling, 3D Digital Sculpting, Reverse Engineering, Topology, DICOM Data, Render Images and more.

Our 3rd party vendors are able to help us, help you, do anything we don't have in-house. Our strong relationship with our vendors allows us to assure you the quality when it comes time to deliver.


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